Intemporel, anachronique, sempiternel artiste (peintre reconnu) toujours renouvelé et, également lanceur de javelot extraordinaire, Roald Bradstock démontre depuis cinquante ans une longévité inédite dans l'histoire du sport olympique ! Connu sous le nom du "Picasso Olympique", Roald Bradstock -né en 1960- a coloré tous les concours mondiaux et a été l'animateur sportif formidable dans 16 pays pendant sa formidable carrière internationale longue de trente ans !

      Outre les records récents et incroyables dans de nombreuses disciplines de lancer (plus ou moins associées au javelot) que nous pourrions cataloguer sans difficulté, nous souhaitons présenter ici l'image de cet homme artiste incomparable.

      Roald Bradstock, pour le javelot mondial, c'est l'homme arc en ciel le plus coloré de l'olympisme. Hommage rendu à Roald Bradstock par Javelin-art…
Bravo Monsieur Bradstock, Merci pour votre implication !

Roald Bradstock
The art of keeping time in place...

Dernière sortie éclatante de Roald !!!
Juin 2012 Roald Bradstock vient de battre
le record mondial vétéran (des 50-54 ans)
en réalisant 76.15m (249ft) au javelot 700 grammes !
Une ligne de plus au palmarès merveilleux et hallucinant
de notre artiste préféré !!!!!!!!!!

      CLERMONT, FL - With a disabling cross-wind to contend with after an exhausting, 500-mile road trip, British Olympic hopeful Roald Bradstock served notice to the javelin world by smashing the Men's Age 50-54 World Javelin records at both 700 and 800 grams at the Throws Coach Florida Challenge at the USA Track and Field National Training Center, Clermont, Florida June 3.

Bradstock outgunned the previous 700g World Record of 71.01 meters, set by Luis Nogueira Fernandez of Spain in 2007 with a pending new world record of 76.15m, and 800g World Record of 65.76m, set by Larry Stuart in 1988 with a pending new world record of 67.10m, painting himself as the undisputed farthest of history's best javelin men in the age 50-54 division.

      "The throws felt very smooth overall but I was being careful to not re-injury a calf muscle," said Bradstock. This was Bradstock's second occasion where he was able to perform a full approach in two months, and was the first time he did a full approach with the 700g implement in 2012.

      Bradstock said he timed this competition occasion to work on his speedy release, which he believes will prepare him for a peak performance at 800g later this month at the British Olympic Team Track and Field Trials. There, he said he'll put it all on the line when it really counts.

      "I'll be the new 800g World Age Group Record holder, ready to break my own World record in the Trials," he said. "What better time than now to go into my 8th Olympic trials showing I mean business. Yeah, I am 50, but I am ranked 5th in the UK and I am in shape and ready to do battle!"

      Among the throwers in the competition was fellow javelin throw warrior and Men's Age 55-59 700g Javelin World Record holder (66.11m) Michael Brown.

      By Ken Hall,

BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND - JUNE 23: Roald Bradstock of Great Britain reacts during the Men's
Javelin Final during day two of the Aviva 2012 UK Olympic Trials and Championship at Alexander Stadium.

Roald Bradstock
by Javelin Art

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