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If your Hobby is Javelin thrower, and if you decide to become a coach or sports consultant manager
in a Team Power Passion Strength Performance, Javelin-Art can help you with picture, promotion
signals, information messages communications and sports slogans.
Drive your communication sport with Javelin-Art.

In parallel to your sport, now you are entering the stage as a speaker.
Then think Javelin art. With Javelin-Art unleash your Team's power!

This web page is intended to give a nice picture of Javelin...
Javelin Art offers you a complete production of pictures, collages and free
photographic services. Javelin Art creates and distributes nice javelin images...

Javelin-Art unleash your sport's power!

We all share the greatest joy in life 'Javelin Throw'!
The Javelin Throw Magazine (JTM) with Javelin Art online is a
global site where the javelin thrower community reunites. Please send us your local
news, so the rest of us can learn about what’s on in the world of Javelin and who’s
throwing today... The Magazine has already 155 countries having joined this
community, and now it is up to you how far we can go! The magazine's 10
visiting countries in 2012: USA, UK, Hungary, France, India, South Africa,
Russia, Australia, Canada and Finnland!

Do you love Javelin Throw?
Let's spread our

All the design JTM is made FOR FREE by Javelin-Art / Eric Geirnaert (contact :

Cette page Internet est la base de publication graphique
du sport (javelot) et des partenaires associés - JTM.
- Réalisations graphiques Eric GEIRNAERT-.

We started Javelin Throw Magazine (JTM and Javelin-Art) with the purpose to promote
nice javelin throw around the world. The site made by Eric Geirnaert provides
information of current news, events, local happenings. Our staff puts
a lot ofefforts to make this very special event more
popular, hence to choose athletics.


All the Javelin design JTM is made by Javelin-Art / Eric Geirnaert (contact :

Yes, Cou-Cou
Nice Pictures !

All pictures is made by Javelin Art
YES! Javelin-Art look in LONDON all Javelin Throw

Think Javelin-Art to drive your pictures in the web...

You have a website, and/or a Javelin blog? Think Javelin-Art to complete - improve your images galleries.

Yes Enhance your Olympics experience with Photo Gallery Javelin-Art...

All the Javelin design is made (for free) by
Javelin-Art with original pictures and/or video.

With Javelin-Art, you can turn your video into image. Here example with
Oleksandr Pyatnytsya Standing throw shot 2 kg 41.60 meters.

With Javelin-Art, you can turn your old picture in sequence.
Here example with old javelin...

And javelin sequence...

All the picture design is made by Javelin-Art / Eric Geirnaert (contact :

Les entreprises, les médias présentés ci-dessous
sont quelques uns des sponsors associés
au Javelin Throw Magazine (JTM).

Conceptions - Réalisations, Idées et Infographies originales : Eric Geirnaert

All the Javelin design JTM are made by Javelin-Art
Eric Geirnaert (contact :

Plusieurs sites sur le web ont été alimentés par les infographies Javelin-Art.

Some WWW.URL (web site) in the picture made in design by Javelin-art.

All Javelin images are produced by Eric Geirnaert.
For all pictures and web design / contact :

Travaux Eric GEIRNAERT

Conceptions- Réalisations Eric Geirnaert
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Infographies et mises en pages pour toutes les
conceptions graphiques à la demande...
Sites web, publications d'articles
et d'ouvrages, cd-roms
et produits dérivés...

Conceptions graphiques - réalisations de logotypes, communications marketing / examples :

Des formulaires sont utilisés pour dialoguer avec les internautes...

Les infographies javelot, ce sont des bandeaux, réalisés à la demande...

Les images sont toutes des infographies réalisées à la demande.

Voici les principaux logotypes développés pour la communication globale javelot (Hongrie).

Cette page Internet est la base de publication du sport hongrois (réalisation Eric Geirnaert).
Infographies et mises en pages pour toutes les conceptions graphiques à la demande.

Sites web, publications d'articles et d'ouvrages, cd-roms, produits dérivés...

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