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Kara Patterson

Yet another picture from Eric Geirnaert!! This one might be my favorite so far.
Kara Patterson.

Kara Patterson : "I'm in talks with Eric currently on how to order pictures!
He has a lot to choose from, too, if you guys want more options.
A check would go to him in France, just
for everyone's information

Kara Patterson continued her dominance of women's javelin in the
United States by winning her fourth consecutive national title in 2011.

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is my sponsor! I love the way
the company operates, the
people, and their gear...

Les infographies javelot de cette page sont des réalisations faites à la demande...

Les infographies javelot - compétition de cette page sont des
vues artistiques toutes réalisées gratuitement sans la
moindre arrière pensée médiatique...




Kara Patterson

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I'm working on a new website. It's, and is a work in progress.

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All the Javelin Pictures Art
are made by Eric Geirnaert.

Hi Eric!
Wow!! I'm really impressed!

I especially like the picture that says ASICS on the left side on the bottom
with a bunch of pictures of me! It's more of a horizontal orientation than the others.
Thank you so much for doing that! I really appreciate it! Kara.

L'infographie c'est le pouvoir infini de la création et de la réinterprétation libre
des personnes en faisant passer un message esthétique sur cette marge
de liberté qui interpellera les lecteurs et les sponsors...

Eric G. : Yes, obviously this picture (bottom) is carried out with a faking. It's only a fun Javelin Art image (= joke picture).

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